General Information


Do not remove package from container except for immediate use. Packets containing SPROUT-STOP 80 WS are water-soluble. Do not allow packet to become wet prior to adding to the spray tank. Do not handle with wet hands. Reseal container to protect remaining packets. To prepare the spray mixture, first determine the total amount of this product to be used and the volume of water necessary for proper dilution as specified under \"APPLICATION METHODS AND RATES\". Begin filling the tank with water and drop the required number of unopened packets into the water. Do not attempt to open the water-soluble packets. When the packets have completely dissolved, start hydraulic (bypass) or mechanical agitation. Do not use air agitation.

Note: Product containing boron and/or fertilizers will prevent the water-soluble packet from dissolving. Boron and/or fertilizer products must only be added after packet(s) have completely dissolved.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Use on lawns only when grass is brown and dormant. Do not use on home lawns except along edges.

TO INHIBIT GRASS GROWTH: Apply this product to green grass since brown grass will not absorb the spray. Use of this product is limited to one application per year made either in the Fall or the Spring followed by correct maintenance procedures to produce required turf growth control.

DO NOT APPLY DURING THE SUMMER (June 1 to September 25) since most permanent grasses become partially dormant in the Summer.

USE OF 2,4-D: 2,4-D may be used with this product when control of Broadleaf weeds is desired in turf. A low volatile ester or amine salt formulation is compatible with this product. In some areas, weeds may emerge after this product is applied. A second application of 2,4-D would be necessary to control these weeds. Use 2,4-D only on grasses recommended by the manufacturer's label. Follow manufacturer's label when handling or spraying 2,4-D to prevent drift.

APPLICATION NOTES (For All Applications):

Always read and follow dosage recommendations carefully and spray fields uniformly.

Uneven applications may result in \"elephant hide\" and/or bud end cracking of the Potato tubers.

To obtain the desired results, the plants/crop should not be stressed from either too much or too little water before or after application.

Do not apply to Potato plants grown for seed.

Rain or overhead irrigation occurring within 24 hours after application may reduce effectiveness. Spray Onions or Potatoes at least 24 hours before rain or overhead irrigation.

A minimum of 2 weeks should be allowed between the use of this product on Potatoes and the use of a vine desiccant.

This product is non-volatile, but regardless, no drift should be permitted onto nearby crops. Special care should be taken to prevent drift when aerial applications are made.

This product should be applied at temperatures below 85°F or at temperatures of 80°F if expected to exceed 85°F later that same day. This product is water-soluble and under high temperatures and low humidity conditions it will crystallize on the leaf surface preventing normal absorption into the plant.

Spray adjuvants are not recommended for application of this product on Potatoes. For spray adjuvant use with Onions, see that specific section.

Although this product is compatible with most commonly used fungicicides and insecticides, separate applications are recommended.

Occasionally, injury to the terminal growth of Potato foliage has been observed following application of this product according to label recommendations. Trials and usage have indicated that this injury does not adversely affect the yield or quality of the Potato tubers at harvest.

For control of wild Onions and Garlic, do not apply to young seedings less than one season old. Do not pasture livestock in or cut hay from treated areas.

This product is not corrosive to spray equipment.

Rinse spray equipment with water after application. Do not contaminate water by cleaning of equipment or disposal of waste.

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours