General Information

Product Description

ORNAMEC is a selective postemergence herbicide for control of annual and perennial grass weeds. ORNAMEC does not control broadleaf weeds or sedges (nutgrass).

Control Symptoms - ORNAMEC is a systemic herbicide which moves from the treated foliage into the shoots, roots, rhizomes, stolons, and growing points (meristematic regions) of treated grass weeds. Excellent control of a wide range of annual and perennial grass weeds will be obtained with ORNAMEC when applied as directed on this label.

Growth of treated grass weeds stops soon after application. Symptoms include loss of vigor, yellowing and/or reddening, and eventual death to the treated grass plant. Symptoms are generally observed within one to three weeks, depending on grass weed species and environmental conditions.

ORNAMEC can be used to control grass weeds in many newly transplanted and established ornamentals, trees, shrubs and groundcovers in noncrop areas. See the following Tables 5 through 8 for specific uses.

Application of ORNAMEC may be made over-the-top to ornamentals listed in Table 5. Over-the-top applications are defined as pray patterns delivered to the upper portions of the established ornamentals and target weeds. Use sufficient spray volumes to ensure a uniform distribution and complete spray coverage of the target weeds. Plants listed in Tables 6 through 8 should have a directed spray applied to prevent contact of spray with foliage. Directed spray applications are defined as spray patterns aimed or directed toward the lower portion of the established orna mentals, and this method of application will minimize the phytotoxicity of the desired species. If the growth habit of the plant or other factors do not allow a directed spray, an over-the-top application can be made to plants in Table 6 through 8; however, there is the possibility of damage in the range listed for each table when applied at label rates. Do not apply to ornamentals that may be harvested for food within one year after application. Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system.

NOTICE TO BUYER AND USER: It is impossible to test every species and variety or cultivar of ornamental or nursery plants under all conditions. Plant tolerance of pesticides vary as conditions vary. Plant tolerance of ORNAMEC at label rates has been found to be acceptable within the ranges specified for the indicated genera and species. Neither the manufacturer nor the seller has determined whether or not ORNAMEC can safely be used on plants not specified on this label. The professional user should determine if ORNAMEC can be used safely prior to use.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

Bermudagrass Control ln Zoysiagrass and Tall Fescue Turf

ORNAMEC may be used to suppress and eventually control some undesirable grasses in turf areas. To control common bermudagrass and hybrid bermudagrass, follow the directions below:

Note: The application of this product may show slight discoloration to the desirable turfgrass. Symptoms are temporary and discoloration will subside. Do not apply to tall fescue turf unless injury can be tolerated. Weather and cultural treatments can also affect applications.

Bermudagrass Control in Zoysiagrass
Late Summer: When bermudagrass is preparing for dormancy, apply 8 to 12 fl.oz. of this product per acre (0.2 fl.oz to 0.3 fl.oz./1000 sq.ft.) with a nonionic surfactant (such as AquaZorb CA).

Restricted Entry Interval

4 hours