General Information



Application rates above the 50 lbs. per 7,350 sq. ft. will temporarily discolor and damage the turf. If a higher rate is necessary (such as 50 lbs./5,550 sq. ft. or 50 lbs./6,450 sq. ft.) in order to control Goosegrass, Spurge, Poa Annua, Florida Pusley or Carpetgrass turf damage can be expected to the St. Augustinegrass, therefore, apply only when that damage can be tolerated and when good cultural practices are planned in order to revive the damaged turf. Avoid product contact with flowers and shrubs except as recommended.


Do not apply this product until after the second or third cutting. For best lawn care, place new grass seed in fall of the year. Spring preemergent weed control can then be applied. Reseeding treated areas: Delay new seeding until 4 months after treatment.


For best weed control, rake the area free of leaves and thatch and mow if necessary so that granules will reach the soil surface. Measure the area to be treated and uniformly apply the required amount using a fertilizer spreader (see Spreader Settings chart). Do not apply to turf when it is wet. Do not over-lap spreader applications on St. Augustinegrass, since discoloration \"streaking\" may temporarily occur from \"double rate.\" After applications, if rain is not expected within 24 hours, sprinkle the treated turf with 1/4 to 1/2 inch of water to get maximum weed control.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Apply 50 lbs./11,000 sq. ft. when turf has been in a yearly maintenance program (equal to 2 lbs. A.I. herbicide per acre.)

Apply 50 lbs. to treat 7,350 sq. ft. of lawn if it has been heavily infested with Crabgrass; equal to 3 lb. A.I. herbicide per acre.

This product is a preemergent herbicide. It will not control emerged and growing weeds; only germinating weed seeds. Late application will control only those weed seeds that germinate after the application. See \"WHEN TO APPLY\" chart on the label.


Do not use on Red Fescue, Bentgrass varieties, Dichondra, or Centipede grass because damage will occur. Do not use on Putting Greens or \"Tees\" due to varying cultural practices used.

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours