General Information


Before You Use: Read and follow directions when using. Use this product ONLY on Carpetgrass, Centipede, St. Augustine (including Floratam) and Zoysia lawns-other grass types could be injured. Do not allow product to get below the branch spread of trees, shrubs, bedding plants, flowers or garden plants-the roots in this area could pick up the product and injure the plant. Apply only when grass blades are dry to the touch. Water in after applying. When temperatures are 80ºF or above, water in immediately to wash granules off grass blades. Do not plant flowers or vegetables in treated areas for 18 months after using this product-they may be injured. This product may not be applied by hand or by using hand held devices (i.e. belly grinders). Avoid contact with hands or skin. Maximum rate per application is 2 lbs. active ingredient. Maximum of two applications per year.

How To Use: Adjust spreader to the proper setting (see Spreader Settings). To be sure you cover the entire area uniformly, first treat the border of the lawn then fill in the center. Make parallel passes, walking at a steady pace to ensure even distribution of the granules.

For Best Results: Best results are obtained when this product is used as part of the Helena Chemical Company Lawn care program. Apply before weeds come up. To prevent Crabgrass, Bull Paspalum, sedges, Foxtail and Spotted Spurge, apply between January 1 and March 1 (for best control) although applications made by June 15 will give good control. Apply this product in the fall to control winter weeds such as Henbit, Chickweed, Rabbit Tobacco, Florida Betony and Evening Primrose. Do not apply to Carpetgrass or Centipede lawns during dormancy. Established weeds are more difficult to control and may require an application in the spring and fall. Follow these recommendations with new or refurbished lawns. Apply this product one week after sprigging St. Augustine or Zoysia to prevent competition from germinating weeds. Newly-seeded Carpetgrass, Centipede or Zoysia lawns may be treated after the second mowing. After applying PRO-MATE ATRAZINE 1.05% WITH FERTILIZER, wait one month before planting new sprigs and 6 months before sowing new grass seed.

How PRO-MATE ATRAZINE 1.05% WITH FERTILIZER Works: This product was specially formulated for southern lawns to kill established weeds, stop new weeds before they can start and green, revitalize and thicken the turf. Watering after application activates the product. Established weeds are killed, roots and all, in about 3 weeks and new weeds are prevented for up to 8 weeks.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


PRO-MATE ATRAZINE 1.05% WITH FERTILIZER specially designed Southern lawn formula helps get rid of dandelions, dollarweed, and over 40 other weeds as it feed your lawn in one easy step. The convenient granules combine the most complete lawn weed control available with its exclusive 4 in 1 Total Turf Care, quickly greens the lawn, continuously feeds for up to 2 months, stimulates root development, and enriches and fortifies the soil to build a thick, lush lawn. Beautifying your lawn has never been easier.

Children and pets may re-enter after the treated area has been watered and allowed to dry.


NOTE: Spreaders with similar colors are considered equivalent.

Settings are approximate. The condition of your spreader, the speed at which you walk and uneven terrain may affect the rate of application. Calibrate your spreader according to manufacturer’s directions.

TIP 1,000 sq. ft. = 20 X 50 ft.

Do not use a spreader that applies granules in narrow, concentrated or uneven bands. Be sure the spreader works properly and spreads granules evenly.

See Spreader Settings on the label.