General Information


KINETIC is a unique and superior nonionic wetting agent especially effective in postemergent, non-selective herbicide sprays. KINETIC allows for the rapid spreading and absorption of herbicide sprays into the plant leaves and stems and is especially effective with water based herbicide formulations. Subject to the cautionary use statements set forth in the Directions for Use, KINETIC may be used with other pesticide and/or fertilizer products. Optimum application and consequent effects can be influenced by many factors. Consequently, it is recommended that careful observation of the spray deposit be made and adjuvant rates be adjusted accordingly.

Applications should be made to insure thorough coverage without excessive runoff of the application spray.


For improved water penetration of hard to wet soils and the uniform distribution of applied moisture:

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

DEEP FEEDING TREES: Use KINETIC at 0.10% - 0.20% v/v concentration.

Applications of KINETIC through irrigation injection systems are possible provided that recommended use rates and dilutions are maintained and local, state, and federal guidelines are followed. Prior to the addition of KINETIC to spray tank-mixes or use with a pesticide or fertilizer where a nonionic adjuvant is not specifically recommended but not prohibited by the manufacturer, the user or application advisor must have experience with the combination or must have conducted a phytotoxicity trial.