General Information


K-LEAF 0-0-30 may be applied to agricultural crops, commercial turf, ornamental crops and other plants where foliar-applied potash is recommended. Direct application to soil is also recommended. Application of K-LEAF 0-0-30 should always be the result of plant tissue or soil analysis which indicates the need for potassium.

CAUTION: Do not use K-LEAF 0-0-30 in foliar sprays on plants that are sensitive to potassium application. K-LEAF 0-0-30 may be applied by ground (dilute or concentrate) or air. Apply in enough water for thorough coverage. The addition of a quality surfactant such as INDUCE is recommended. Local climatic conditions may affect the performance of nutritional sprays. Consult your Helena Chemical Company representative or your local agricultural extension agent for guidance if needed.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


1 - 4 gals. per acre as a general application rate.