General Information

Precautions and Instructions

Spray Preparation
Remove oil, rust, scale, pesticide residues and foreign matter from sprayer and strainer. Flush with clean water. Use 50 mesh screens or equivalent in spray system. Applicator tanks must be equipped with a sparge tube agitator, unless the alternative agitator designs can adequately cleanse the bottom of the tank and provide sufficient agitation required for product mixing. Pump approximately 10% of the tank capacity per minute back into the tank through the agitator. To prepare for spraying, fill tank to approximately 1/2 the needed volume of water or liquid fertilizer and start agitation. Open product container(s) and pour contents into tank. Agitate to ensure thorough mixing for a minimum of 2 minutes or until product is thoroughly dispersed. Agitate product mixtures continuously during use. Avoid allowing tank contents to remain without agitation for periods greater than 1 hour. When tank contents have remained without agitation for 1 hour or longer, agitate contents for at least 10 minutes before starting application. Avoid allowing large quantities of product mixtures (greater than 5 gallons) to be stored in a non-agitated tank for extended periods of time, such as 12 hours or greater.

Regent 4 SC insecticide can be tank mixed in accordance with the most restrictive of label limitations and precautions. DO NOT exceed any label dosage rates. This product cannot be mixed with any product whose label contains a prohibition against such mixing. If tank mixes with other products are to be used, evaluate tank mix compatibility with Regent 4 SC in a small container before mixing larger quantities in the application tank.

The full range of compatibilities with Regent 4 SC under local conditions is not known. Therefore, it is essential that before using Regent 4 SC, the compatibility of the mixture be established. For example: Fill a quart jar 1/2 full of water or liquid fertilizer, then add 2 teaspoons of Regent 4 SC and disperse. Add any other pesticides, fertilizers, or tank mixtures and shake thoroughly. DO NOT USE MIXTURES THAT CURDLE, PRECIPITATE, OR GREASE. FOR BEST RESULTS, USE SPRAY MIXTURES IMMEDIATELY AFTER MIXING. USE ADEQUATE AGITATION.

Use Restrictions
- DO NOT apply this product through any kind of irrigation system.
- DO NOT harvest within 90 days of application.
- DO NOT plant any rotational crops other than those listed in the Rotational Crop Restrictions section within 12 months following application.
- Observe the following precautions when applying in the vicinity of aquatic areas: DO NOT apply within 20 yards of lakes, reservoirs, rivers, permanent streams, marshes, natural ponds, estuaries, commercial aquaculture facilities or other bodies of water that convey water to these areas. Protection of aquatic areas may be enhanced by maintaining all or a portion of this buffer in vegetative cover.
- DO NOT use this product if the potato is planted by hand.

Application Requirements
Make one in-furrow application at planting time only. DO NOT apply this product through any kind of irrigation system.
Dilute Regent 4 SC in a minimum of 5.0 gallons of water or liquid fertilizer per acre. If flat-fan nozzles are used for infurrow application, align the nozzles with the row to direct the spray into the open furrow.
Regent 4 SC can be directly injected into the suction or pressure line(s) of a liquid spray system provided that the product is uniformly dispersed into the water or liquid fertilizer. Predilution of Regent 4 SC in a minimum of 0.5 gallon of water or liquid fertilizer per acre prior to injection is necessary to improve metering accuracy. The mix tank of Regent 4 SC plus water or liquid fertilizer must be agitated continuously. After completing direct injection in the mixing process, apply in-furrow a minimum final volume of 5.0 gallons per crop acre of water, liquid fertilizer, or a combination of the two.

Regent 4 SC Maximum Allowable Rate = 3.2 fl ozs of Regent 4 SC per acre

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Application Method

Make one in-furrow application at time of planting only. Banding must be done in-furrow as a 5- to 7-inch wide band. Regent 4 SC insecticide must be thoroughly incorporated and covered with soil immediately after application. DO NOT use T-banding over the top of a closed furrow.

Row feet/Acre: 14,520

Pre-Harvest Interval

90 days

Restricted Entry Interval

0 hours