General Information

PHC Root Dip is used as a preplant root dip to inoculate bareroot and containerized tree seedlings with beneficial mycorrhizal fungi and rhizoshere bacteria prior to field planting or potting. It contains six superior species of mycorrhizal fungi that will colonize the roots of nearly all tree and shrub species under a broad range of growing conditions. The microbes in PHC Root Dip are mixed with natural yucca, seaweed and humate. It also contains six species of free-living rhizospere bacteria that together fix nitrogen and solubilize phosphorus. PHC Root Dip:

- Improves absorption of water and minerals from the soil

- Introduces beneficial mycorrhizal fungi and bacteria

- Improves survival by minimizing \"transplant shock\"

- Increases endurance and growth of difficult-to grow plants

- Helps plants mitigate adverse environmental stresses such as drought, salinity, and extremes of soil Ph


Species: PHC Root Dip is effective for all tree and shrub species except rhododendrons, azaleas, and mountain laurel which associate with ericoid mycorrhizal fungi. Use of PHC Root Dip with these species will not harm them.

Soil pH: The fungi in this product were chosen based on their ability to survive and colonize plant roots in a broad soil pH range of 3 to 9.

Fungicides: Some fungicides can have a detrimental effect on mycorrhizae. Soil application of any fungicide is not recommended for two weeks before or after seedling treatment. Foliar applications of non systemic fungicides should pose no problems. Systemic fungicides, like Bayleton, should not be used for three weeks before or after product use.

Herbicides and Insecticides: Do not normally interfere with mycorrhizal fungal development.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions



Combine PHC Root Dip and water in a bucket or pail and mix 3-5 minutes into a slurry with a consistency of a heavy gravy. Before planting, dip the seedlings into the mix so that the roots are coated with gel. For container seedlings, gently shake the excess loose rooting medium from the roots and dip roots in the mix. Transplant as soon as possible after dipping. Try to outplant on field sites within one to two weeks of rainfall.