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Pro-Mate Bifenthrin

Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC
SnapshotID: 45525

Active ingredients





WSSA mode of action

Sodium channel modulators




Ant, CarpenterAnt, Imported FireArmywormBeeBeetleBeetle, FlourBeetle, LitterWeevil, GrainBudwormFungus GnatMite, Banks GrassBed BugScale, Brown SoftBeetle, CigaretteThrips, CitrusCutwormMite, European RedWebworm, FallBeetle, JapaneseLace BugMealybugPlant Bug /Leaf BugMite, Pecan Leaf ScorchPlant Bug, LygusAnt, Red Imported FireSawflyBeetle, Sawtoothed GrainYellowjacketSowbug/PillbugSpiderSpringtailStink BugThripsBorer, TwigBeetle, WarehouseFirebratAphidBagwormAtaenius, Black TurfgrassWeevil, Black VineSpider, Black WidowBug, BoxelderMite, BroadTick, Brown DogScale, California RedCentipedeChiggerChinch BugMite, CloverCockroachCrane Fly /LeatherjacketCricketEarwigBeetle, Elm LeafAnt, FireFlea BeetleFleaFlyGrasshopperFly, HouseLeafrollerMidgeMillipedeMiteMosquitoMothWeevil, OrchidPillbugMoth, Shoot/TipPsyllidScale, San JoseScale, CrawlersScorpionSilverfishSpider MiteSpittlebugCaterpillar, TentTickMoth, Tobacco/WarehouseTreehopperWeevilWhiteflyCicadaBillbugWeevil, Annual BluegrassBeetle, Merchant GrainTermiteBeetle, PowderpostBorer, Old HouseHornetTermite, ReticulitermesTermite, ZootermopsisTermite, HeterotermesTermite, CoptotermesPsocidsTick, American DogFly, BitingBeetle, Wood InfestingBeetle, Pine ShootBeetle, DermestidBeetle, HideCricket, MoleArmyworm, BeetWaspAdelgidAntLeafhopperCaterpillar, Gypsy MothAnt, NuisanceSpider, Brown RecluseFlea Beetle, DichondraWebworm, SodMoth, RiceBeetle, LadySpider, HoboTick, DeerGnatFly, VinegarCaterpillar, Leaf FeedingDiaprepesBeetle, Lesser GrainInsects, small flyingInsects, CrawlingArthropodsMoth, MealFly, Filth


Bedding PlantsFoliage PlantsGround CoversOrnamental PlantsShrubs, OrnamentalTrees, OrnamentalWoody OrnamentalsTrees, FloweringFruit Tree, Non-bearingNut Tree, Non-bearingBedding PlantsFlowering PlantsFoliage PlantsNut TreeWoody OrnamentalsTrees, OrnamentalShrubs, OrnamentalGround CoversFlowering PlantsFoliage PlantsShrubs, OrnamentalTrees, OrnamentalAthletic FieldsLawns/Turf, RecreationalLawns/Turf, OrnamentalLawns /TurfParksLakes/PondsRivers/StreamsAnt MoundsPoultry QuartersShopping MallsPallets, Behind and UnderParksCampsitesKennelsSignposts, AroundCage FramingWaste AreasUrban AreasPlaygroundsPiersMop ClosetsSoilEnclosed Processing SystemTrails, AntsOffice BuildingAnimal Confinement FacilitiesAircraftPet ShopsApartments, CondominiumsLaboratoriesSewers/Sewer PipesAtticsBarnsBaseboardsBasementsBuildings, PublicBusesCabinetsCarportsClosetsBuildings, CommercialCornersCracks and CrevicesDairiesDishwashersDoors, AroundDrawers, Underside ofEaves, UnderEntries and VestibulesDrains, FloorFood Processing PlantsFoundationsGaragesGarbage AreasGarbage DumpsHospitalsHotels/MotelsLavatoriesLocker RoomsMachine RoomsManufacturing PlantsNursing HomesOfficesPipesPorches/Patios/DeckingRail CarsRefrigerators, Behind and UnderSchoolsShelves, Underside ofBoats/ShipsSinksStovesTrailersTrucksWarehousesWindows, AroundFences and Fence PostsPoles, UtilityUtility Cable/Conduit, UndergroundGrocery StoresGrain MillsHomes, Mobile/MotorMeat Processing PlantsWineriesCrawl SpacesConstruction MaterialsSidingFurnacesCanning/Bottling StoreroomsEgg Processing PlantsChimneys/Chimney BasesVeneersBakeriesBreweriesCanneries/Bottling FacilitiesBath TrapsExpansion JointsStorage Areas, FoodMillsTrees, InsidePoultry Processing PlantsWallsSurfaces, OutsideBuildings, IndustrialPosts /PolesBuildings, ResidentialBuildings, InstitutionalReceiving AreasWrapping/Boxing AreasSheds, StorageVoidsUtility Entry SitesOrnamentations, LandscapeGalleries, WoodMasonry VoidsStoopsCisterns/WellsCafeteriasCandy plantsDairy product processing plantsBinsSlabsPlumbingSlabs, Beneath/UnderFieldstone, AlongVoids, BlockWindow framesDuplexTownhouseHouse trailerPrivate homesWoodSyrup processing systemVesselsEdible oil processing systemGranariesLivestock HousingRestaurantsFood Service EstablishmentStorage, Edible WasteHorse TrailersRubble FoundationsRubble WallsWiresStructural VoidsPackaging AreaJoistsBuildings, AroundRights-of-wayStorage AreasApartment complexesRoadsideFence LinesUtility Lines

Available for use in the following states


Not available

Product safety


Early entry
• Coveralls • Chemical-resistant gloves, such as barrier laminate or butyl rubber or nitrile rubber or neoprene rubber or polyvinyl chloride or viton. • Shoes plus socks Do not apply this product in a way that will contact workers or other persons either directly or through drift. Only protected handlers may be in the area during application. For any requirement specific to your State or Tribe, consult the State/Tribal agency responsible for pesticide regulation. For California Greenhouse Applicators must wear: • Full body chemical-resistant protective suit (such as barrier laminate, butyl rubber, nitrile rubber, polyvinyl chloride, or equivalent). Greenhouse Harvesters must wear: • Regular length gloves plus a long sleeved shirt or elbow-length (gauntlet type) gloves during the 30 days following application.
Personal Protection
All pesticide handlers (mixers, loaders and applicators) must wear long-sleeved shirt and long pants, socks, shoes and chemical-resistant gloves. After the product is diluted in accordance with label directions for use, and/or when mixing and loading using a closed spray tank transfer system (such as U-TURN ), or an in-line injector system, shirt, pants, socks, shoes and waterproof gloves are sufficient. In addition, all pesticide handlers must wear a respiratory protection device1 when working in a non-ventilated space. All pesticide handlers must wear protective eyewear when working in non-ventilated space or when applying termiticide by rodding or sub-slab injection. 1Use one of the following NIOSH approved respirators with any R, P or HE filter or a NIOSH approved respirator with an organic vapor (OV) cartridge or canister with any R, P or HE prefilter.
Restricted Entry Interval
12 hours


May be exposed to direct sunlight

Is not vulnerable to flame or sparks

Should not be stored in a damp place

Should not be stored in a warm place

May be frozen