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Active ingredients





WSSA mode of action

MAP/Histidine- Kinase in osmotic signal transduction




Alternaria DiseasesLeaf BlightLeaf BlightBotrytis DiseasesBrown RotDamping-offLeaf SpotMelting Out, HelminthosporiumDowny MildewGray MoldWhite MoldBrown RotFruit RotGray Snow MoldGummy Stem BlightBlight/Leaf BlightBunch RotPenicillium DiseasesBrown PatchBlight, BotrytisGray Mold/Gray Mold RotLettuce DropSeedborne DiseasesStem Rot, SclerotiniaDollar SpotBlossom BlightPink Snow MoldGreen MoldPod Rot


ApricotBean, KidneyBean, SnapCabbageCanolaCauliflowerCherryGarlicGinsengGrapeLeekLettuceOnion, Bulb/Dry BulbPeachPlumPruneRaspberryStrawberryBean, White/Small WhiteCarrot, For SeedCucumberLettuceTomatoAluminum PlantFern, Asparagus, SprengerBegoniaCedarCelosiaChrysanthemumCinerariaCyclamenDracaenaViolet, FlameEuonymousEuphorbiaFigFirFuchsiaGloxiniaHemlockHypoestesImpatiens /Touch-me-notKalanchoeFern, SwordPalm, ParlorGeranium /StorksbillPhilodendron, Heart LeafPoinsettiaPrimroseSalviaSaxifrage /RockfoilSenecioSpruceIvy, HederaZebra PlantMarantaFern, MaidenhairCrotonRuelliaAralia, FalseSilver-nerveFern, PlumosusAfrican Violet, CommonConifer, Seed TreatmentGeranium, ZonalPassion Vine, PurplePurple HeartMonsteraAzaleaAralia sieboldiiChlorophytum sppCiccus antarcticaCroton spp var. BravoDracaena spp var. RededgeGesneria sppIresine herbstiiNepeta (ginger plant)Peperomia caperataPeperomia hederifoliaPeperomia magnoliifoliaRhoicissus sppSolanum capsicastrumRosa samanthaCedarFirHemlockSpruceConifersGolf Course, FairwaysGolf Course, GreensLawns /Turf
Product safety


Early entry
Long pants, long-sleeved shirt, hat, protective eyewear, and chemical-resistant gloves.
Personal Protection
During all activities, wear long pants, long-sleeved shirt and work boots. In addition, chemical-resistant gloves, protective eyewear and work boots must be worn during mixing, loading, cleanup and repair of spray equipment. For aerial application, coveralls or a chemical-resistant apron over normal work clothes, chemical-resistant gloves, protective eyewear and work boots must be worn during mixing and loading operations.
Restricted Entry Interval
12 hours


May be exposed to direct sunlight

Is not vulnerable to flame or sparks

May be stored in a damp place

May be stored in a warm place

May be frozen