bacterial blight_SOYB001.JPG

Bacterial leaf blight

Area of impact: Leaves and pods

Description: Small watery lesions that turn yellow then brown as the plant tissue dies. These lesions can merge to form dead patches which then may fall out. Lesions can occur on all parts of the plant above-ground but are most easily seen on pods and leaves.

Pathogen involved: Pseudomonas syringae pv. glycinea (a bacterium)

Timing/Conditions: Can occur all season long but only during cool, rainy weather. Disease progress is halted by hot, dry weather.

Contributing factors: Overwinters in crop residue and can be transmitted by seed. It is spread by wind and rain in fields and by cultivation in wet conditions.

Management practices: Plant resistant varieties and pathogen-free seed, rotate with non-host crops and avoid cultivating wet fields.

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