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    Active ingredients





    WSSA mode of action

    Acetylcholine esterase inhibitors




    Brown rotArmywormBeetle, Cucumber/Corn RootwormPhylloxera, PecanScale, European Fruit LecaniumWeevil, AlfalfaAphid, AsparagusBeetle, AsparagusAphid, Black PeachMaggot, BlueberryBoll WeevilLeafworm, Brown CottonScale, Brown SoftWeevil, CarrotBeetle, Cereal LeafFruit Fly, Cherry/Cherry MaggotMite, Citrus Red/PurpleBeetle, Confused FlourEarworm, CornAphid, Cotton/MelonLeafperforator, CottonScale, Cottony PeachFruitworm, CranberryCutwormMoth, DiamondbackBeetle, DriedfruitMite, European RedArmyworm, FallChinch Bug, FalseScale, Florida RedFruitwormPhylloxera, GrapeAphid, Green PeachStink Bug, GreenBug, HarlequinCabbageworm, ImportedBeetle, JapaneseLace BugMealybugBeetle, SapMaggot, OnionThrips, OnionMoth, Oriental FruitAphid, PeaWeevil, PeaMaggot, PepperPicklewormLeafhopper, PotatoBeetle, Red FlourStink Bug, RiceWeevil, RiceChafer, RoseAphid, Rusty PlumBeetle, Sawtoothed GrainSowbug/PillbugSpringtailBorer, Squash VineStink BugLeafroller, StrawberryThripsAphid, WalnutLooper, CabbageCaterpillar, AlfalfaAphidAphid, Black CherryScale, California RedCaterpillarFruitworm, CherryMoth, CodlingFleahopper, CottonLeafworm, CottonMoth, Eyespotted BudCricket, FieldFlea BeetleFlyFruit Fly, DrosophilaLeafroller, FruittreeGrasshopperGreenbugMoth, IndianmealLeafminerMillipedeMiteMosquitoLeafroller, OmnivorousLooper, OmnivorousTortrix, OrangePsylla, PearCasebearer, Pecan NutCurculio, PlumLeafroller, RedbandedWeevil, RootScale, BlackScale, PurpleSpider MiteSpittlebugScale, TerrapinWebwormWhiteflyScale, YellowCasebearer, Pecan LeafWeevil, GranaryWeevil, Clover LeafBorer, Lesser GrainThrips, GreenhouseBruchid, VetchLeafminer, MorninggloryMite, Winter GrainLeafminer, RiceAphid, English GrainBeetle, Rusty GrainBeetle, Flat GrainSpider Mite, DesertScale, LataniaBug, LygusWeevil, MaizeHusk Fly, WalnutBeetle, Darkling GroundAntLeafhopperWebworm, Garden Fly, Vinegar


    AlfalfaApricotAsparagusAvocadoBarleyBlackberry (All Types)Blueberry (All Types)BoysenberryBroccoliBroccoli RaabBroccoli, Chinese/White Flowering/Gai LonBrussels SproutsCabbageCabbage, Chinese (Unspecified)CantaloupeCarrotCauliflowerCeleryCherry, Sweet/MazzardCherry, Sour/TartChestnutFruit, CitrusCloverCollardsCorn (All Types)Corn, FieldCorn, PopCorn, SweetCottonCucumberCurrantDewberryEggplantEndive/ChicoryEscaroleFescueFigGarlicGooseberryGrapeGrapefruitGrass, Forage, Fodder, and/or HayMustard GreensGuavaHopsHorseradishKaleKohlrabiKumquatPastureLeekLemonLespedezaLettuce, HeadLettuce, LeafLimeLoganberryMacadamia NutMangoMelon (All Types)MushroomCabbage, Chinese Mustard (Gai Choy)NectarineOatOkraOnion, Bulb/Dry BulbOnion, GreenOrangeOrchardgrassPapayaParsleyParsnipPassionfruitPea, DryPea, SucculentPeachPearPecanPeppermintPineapplePotato, SweetPumpkinRadishRangelandRaspberryRiceRice, WildRutabagaRyeSalsifyShallot/EschalotSpearmintSpinachSquash, SummerSquash, WinterStrawberrySwiss ChardTangerineTangeloTimothyTomatilloTomatoTrefoil, BirdsfootTurnip GreensTurnip, RootVetchWalnutWatercressWatermelonWheatWheat, Spring SeededWheat, WinterRedtopMizunaMustard SpinachFoxtail, YellowCanarygrassGrape, Nursery StockSorghumGrain ElevatorsBeet, GardenChayote, RootChayote, FruitPepper (All Types)BarnyardgrassPotatoesGrain silosYamChristmas Tree, Plantation and NurseryHerbaceous PlantsOrnamental PlantsPine Seed OrchardShrubs, OrnamentalTrees, ShadeWoody OrnamentalsVine, OrnamentalDandelionNon-flowering PlantsLawns /TurfOutdoor AreaFencerowsHedgerows

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    Product safety


    Early entry
    Coveralls, chemical-resistant gloves made of any waterproof material and shoes plus socks.
    Personal Protection
    For All Formulations and Use Patterns – Mixers, loaders, applicators, flaggers and other handlers must wear: Long-sleeved shirt and long pants, chemical-resistant gloves (pilots must wear chemical-resistant gloves only when entering or exiting the aircraft), shoes plus socks and protective eyewear such as safety glasses, face shield or goggles. For All Dip Applications – Mixers, loaders, and applicators must wear: Long-sleeved shirt, long pants, shoes and socks, chemical-resistant gloves, chemical-resistant apron and protective eyewear such as safety glasses, face shield or goggles. For All Airblast Applications – Applicators must wear: Long-sleeved shirt and long pants, shoes plus socks, chemical-resistant gloves (pilots must wear chemical-resistant gloves only when entering or exiting the aircraft), chemical-resistant apron and protective eyewear (goggles, safety glasses or face shield).
    Restricted Entry Interval
    The REI for each crop is listed in the directions for use associated with each crop.


    May be exposed to direct sunlight

    Should not be exposed to flame or sparks

    Should not be stored in a damp place

    Should not be stored in a warm place

    May be frozen

    Supplemental Labels
    • For The Control Of Insects In Citrus With Reduced Water Volumes (FL)