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    Active ingredients





    WSSA mode of action

    Acetylcholine esterase inhibitors




    Beetle, LeafLooperFleahopperWeevil, AlfalfaBeetle, AsparagusMite, Banks GrassBeetle, Beet LeafSpider Mite, CarmineFruit Fly, Cherry/Cherry MaggotRootworm, CornMoth, European Pine ShootLace BugMaggotMealybugBeetle, Mexican BeanMoth, Nantucket Pine TipPlant Bug /Leaf BugPlant Bug, LygusScaleMidge, SorghumHopper, Threecornered AlfalfaThripsSpider Mite, TwospottedAphidBagwormAphid, Balsam TwigScale, CamelliaGrasshopperGreenbugLeafminerMidgeMitePsylla, PearPsyllidScale, SoftSpider MiteScale, TeaWhiteflyMoth, Zimmerman PineAphid, HoneysuckleMite, Brown WheatScale, FletcherMite, Winter GrainBorer, IrisScale, Golden OakMoth, BactraBug, LygusBeetle, BeanMidge, Douglas-fir ConeSawfly, Loblolly PineMidge, WheatLeafhopperBeetle, Bean LeafPhaloniidPsyllid, hackberry nipplegallHackberry budgall psyllid


    Alfalfa, For SeedAsparagusBean, Lima (All or Unspecified)Bean, Dry (All Types)Chickpea/Garbanzo BeanBroccoliBrussels SproutsCauliflowerCeleryCherryFruit, CitrusFruit, Citrus, Nursery StockFruit, Citrus, NonbearingCorn, FieldCorn, PopCottonEndive/ChicoryEscaroleGrapefruitGrass, For SeedMustard GreensKaleLemonLentilLettuce, LeafMelon (All Types)OrangePeaPea, DryPea, SucculentPearPear, NonbearingPecanSafflowerSoybeanSwiss ChardTangerineTangeloTomatoTurnip GreensTurnip, RootWatermelonWheatSorghum, Grain/Milo, StoredAlfalfa HayPepper (All Types)PotatoesHoneysuckleBeansBean, SnapArborvitaeAzaleaBirchBoxwoodCamelliaCarnationCedarChristmas Tree, Plantation and NurseryCottonwoodCypressDaylilyEuonymousFig, Weeping/LaurelFir, DouglasFir, FraserGardeniaHackberryHemlockHolly, AmericanIrisJuniperOakPinePoinsettiaPoplarRoseYewHolly, EnglishPine, PinyonGladiolusDaisy, GerberaEvergreen TreesYew, SpreadingFir, Douglas, Seed OrchardsPoplar, for PulpFir, Douglas, Breeding orchards

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    Product safety


    Early entry
    Coveralls worn over long-sleeve shirt and long pants, chemical-resistant gloves made of any waterproof material, chemical-resistant footwear plus socks and chemical-resistant headgear for overhead exposure.
    Personal Protection
    Long-sleeved shirt and long pants, shoes plus socks, goggles or face shield, chemical-resistant gloves made of barrier laminate or butyl rubber ≥ 14 mils, a NIOSH approved particulate respirator with an R or P filter with NIOSH approval number prefix TC– 84A or a NIOSH-approved powered air purifying respirator with an HE filter with NIOSH approval number prefix TC-21C and chemical-resistant apron when mixing, loading, cleaning up spills or equipment


    May be exposed to direct sunlight

    Is not vulnerable to flame or sparks

    Should not be stored in a damp place

    Should not be stored in a warm place

    May be frozen