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Active ingredients





WSSA mode of action

14Inhibition of protoporphyrinogen oxidase (PPO)




Bluegrass, AnnualAgeratum, TropicAmaranth, SpinyCroton, TropicBalsamappleGroundcherry, WrightBedstraw, CatchweedBittercress, Lesser/LittleBuckwheat, WildBurclover, CaliforniaPuncturevineCamphorweedBurcloverCarpetweedGoosegrassMustardClover, RedClover, WhiteCocklebur, Common/HeartleafCrabgrass, Hairy/LargeHenbitDock, CurlyFiddleneck, CoastFilaree, BroadleafFilaree, RedstemFilaree, WhitestemFireweedFlixweedFoxtail, GiantGeranium, CarolinaGroundcherry, CutleafGroundsel, CommonJimsonweedKnotweed, ProstrateButtonweedLambsquarters, CommonLettuce, Prickly/ChinaMallow, LittleChamomile, MayweedMorningglory, Ivyleaf/Entireleaf/Hairy/CommonMorningglory, Tall/CommonMustard, BlackMustard, Blue/PurpleMustard, HedgeMustard, TumbleMustard, WildNettle, Burning/DwarfNightshade, American BlackNightshade, HairyNightshade, BlackOat, WildOrach, RedOxalis, ButtercupPepperweed, VirginiaPepperweed, Clasping/Yellow-floweredPigweed, RedrootPigweed, ProstratePimpernel, ScarletPoinsettia, WildEveningprimrose, CutleafPurslane, CommonPusley, FloridaRockpurslane, RedmaidsRyegrass, Italian/Annual/CommonAgeratumSesbania, HempSorrel, Red/SheepShepherd's-purseSicklepodSmartweed, PennsylvaniaSage, LanceleafSowthistle, Annual/CommonSpeedwell, Persian/BirdseyeSpurge, SpottedSpurge, GardenSpurge, ProstrateCrotalariaSpurry, CornWoodsorrel, YellowLadysthumbSida, Prickly/SpinyThistle, RussianThistle, BullVelvetleafBarnyardgrass/WatergrassLettuce, Miner'sCudweed, NarrowleafWitchgrassMallow /CheeseweedMayweedRocket, LondonSandspurry, RedMorningglory, AnnualOxalisCanarygrass, AnnualSuckersButtercup, SmallflowerKochiaSpurge, ProstrateTansy mustardPuncturevineTeaweedMustard, Common YellowMustard, Jim HillSmartweed, PennsylvaniaShepherdspurseRedmaidsGroundsel, CommonLambsquarters, CommonNettle, Burning/DwarfShepherd's-purseSowthistle, Annual/CommonMallow /CheeseweedMustard


AlmondAppleApricotArtichoke, GlobeFarmsteadChickpea/Garbanzo BeanBroccoliCabbageCalamondin, NonbearingCauliflowerCherryChestnutChironja, NonbearingCitron, Citrus, NonbearingCottonCrabappleFilbertGarlicGrapeGrape, WineGrapefruit, NonbearingGuava, NonbearingHorseradishJojobaKumquat, NonbearingLemon, NonbearingLime, NonbearingFencerowsOrange, Mandarin, NonbearingMaple, SugarNectarineHickory NutOnionOnion, For SeedOnion, TransplantPapayaPeachPear, DormantPecanPeppermintPistachioPlumPrunePummelo, NonbearingSpearmintStrawberryTangelo, NonbearingTangerine, NonbearingTangor, NonbearingWalnutButternut (Tree Nut)Cocoa/Cacao, BearingCocoa/Cacao, NonbearingCoffee, BearingCoffee, NonbearingFallow BedOrange, Satsuma Mandarin, NonbearingOrange, Sour, NonbearingOrange, Sweet, NonbearingAlmond, DormantApricot, DormantCherry, DormantNectarine, DormantPeach, DormantPistachio, DormantPlum, DormantPrune, DormantFig, DormantApple, DormantWalnut, DormantFilbert, DormantAvocado, DormantBeechnut, DormantBrazil Nut, DormantCashew, DormantChestnut, DormantChinquapin, DormantCrabapple, DormantDate, DormantFeijoa/Pineapple Guava, DormantGrape, DormantHickory Nut, DormantKiwi, DormantLoquat, DormantMacadamia, DormantMayhaws, DormantOlive, DormantPecan, DormantPersimmon, DormantPomegranate, DormantQuince, DormantGarlic, TransplantClaryGrape, For ProcessingPepper (All Types)TaroGuava, BearingArborvitae, OrientalArborvitae, American/White CedarAshAsh, Green/RedAsh, WhiteCedar, Red/Eastern RedCottonwoodEucalyptusFir, DouglasFir, FraserFir, NobleJuniper, ChineseJuniper, SavinLilac, CommonLocust, BlackMaple, RedOak, PinOak, RedOak, WaterOak, WillowOlive, RussianPearPine, Himalayan WhitePine, Scots/ScotchPine, Virginia/ScrubPine, Black/AustrianPine, JackPine, LoblollyPine, LodgepolePine, Longleaf/Southern YellowPine, MontereyPine, Mugho/MountainPine, Ponderosa/Western YellowPine, ShortleafPine, SlashPine, White/Eastern WhitePoplarRedbud, EasternSpruce, Colorado/Blue/KosterSpruce, NorwaySpruce, SitkaSweet Gum, AmericanSycamore, American/EasternWalnut, BlackYewHemlock, WesternCottonwood, HybridJuniperOak, NuttallMaple, BlackSpruce, Dwarf AlbertaOak, CherrybarkSpruce, AlbertaSpruce, NorwayEucalyptusJuniperPoplar, TulipJuniperArborvitaeJuniperEucalyptusEucalyptusJuniperOak, Northern RedDogwoodAirportsShelterbeltsHighways/RoadsIndustrial SitesNon-crop AreasStorage AreasTank FarmsRights-of-way, UtilityWindbreaksFir, GrandOak, ChestnutHemlock, EasternSweetgumSycamorePine, HimalayanBirch, RiverMyrtle, CrepeMacadamia NutArtichoke

Temperature range

Min 32°F

Available for use in the following states


Not available

Product safety


Early entry
Coveralls Chemical-resistant gloves made of any waterproof material Shoes plus socks
Personal Protection
Mixers, loaders and applicators using engineering controls (see Engineering Controls requirements below) must wear: Long-sleeved shirt and long pants Shoes plus socks Chemical-resistant gloves such as Nitrile, Butyl, Neoprene, and/or Barrier Laminate) when mixing and loading Chemical-resistant apron when mixing and loading All other mixers, loaders, applicators and other handlers must wear: Coveralls over long-sleeved shirt and long pants Chemical-resistant footwear plus socks Chemical-resistant gloves (such as Nitrile, Butyl, Neoprene, and/or Barrier Laminate) Protective eyewear (goggles of face shield) Chemical-resistant headgear for overhead exposure Chemical-resistant apron when exposed to the product concentrate
Restricted Entry Interval
24 hour 48 hours


May be exposed to direct sunlight

Is not vulnerable to flame or sparks

May be stored in a damp place

May be stored in a warm place

Should not be frozen

Supplemental Labels
  • For Postemergence Use in Broccoli, Cabbage and Cauliflower (PA)
  • For Weed Control in Fallow Beds to be Planted to Soybeans, Corn, or Cotton (VA, NC, SC, GA, AL, TN, FL, MS, LA, AR, OK, MO)
  • For Control of Weeds in Non-Cropland (CA)
  • For Control of Weeds in Non-Cropland (AZ)
  • For Postemergence Use in Broccoli & Cauliflower (AZ)
  • For Postemergence Use in Broccoli and Cauliflower (CA)
  • For Application to Dry Bulb Onions at the First True Leaf Growth Stage (CA)
  • For application to dry bulb onions at the first true leaf growth stage (TX)
  • For weed control in non-dormant applications to pistachios, walnuts, and almonds (AZ)
  • For weed control in fallow beds to be planted to field corn (CA)
  • For application to dry bulb onions at the first true leaf growth stage (NM)
  • For non-dormant applications in almonds with a 30 to 15 day PHI (various states)
  • For application to dry bulb onions at the first true leaf growth state (AZ)
  • For use in conifer plants, container stock, and Christmas trees (various states)
  • For postemergence us in cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower (NY)
  • Tank mixtures for use on onion (AZ, CA, ID, NM, NV, OR, UT, WA)
  • For postemergence use in broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage (TX)
  • Spray volume for use on tree fruit, nut and vine crops (TX)
  • Spray volume for use on tree fruit nut and vine crops (various states)
  • For postemergence use in broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower (NJ)
  • For Pre-Transplanting and Post-Crown Planting Applications To Artichokes (CA)