BASF Receives EPA Registration For Inscalis Insecticide

According to BASF, the new formulation works by moving through the leaf to control pests that may be living on the underside of leaves. ...

2 weeks ago

8 Ways to Match Hybrids to Management Zones Based on Water Supply

Variable-input technology (VIT) is exciting because it allows you to apply exactly the right kind and amount of inputs on every zone of ...

4 weeks ago

Syngenta Launches Corn Insecticide

After gaining Environmental Protection Agency registration, Syngenta Force 6.5G will be available for the 2019 growing season.

A month ago

Prepare for the Onslaught of Japanese Beetles

That whirring noise you might be hearing isn’t a plane in the distance, instead it’s the approach of one hungry pest: The Japanese beetl...

3 months ago

Pollinator Week Has The Industry Buzzing With Excitement

Ag is taking action to combat declining pollinator populations. This week, industry, researchers and government join together to celebra...

4 months ago

Late Planting Could Increase Corn’s Susceptibility to Black Cutworm

Corn has enough challenges this season thanks to delayed planting—don’t let black cutworms (BCW) steal more yield.

6 months ago

EPA Approves Liquid Insecticide Targeting Resistant Corn Rootworms

FMC Steward EC insecticide has gained EPA registration for use in field corn.

8 months ago

AMVAC Gains Exclusive Marketing Rights to ReTurn XL

AMVAC Chemical Corporation entered an exclusive distribution agreement with Rotam North America for ReTurn XL 42% insecticide/nematicide....

8 months ago