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Phostoxin Pellets & Tablets

Cardinal Professional Products
SnapshotID: 52710

Active ingredients

Aluminum Phosphide


EPA:72959-4 72959-5


BeeBeetle, Cereal LeafBeetle, CigaretteBeetle, Confused FlourBeetle, DriedfruitFly, HessianWeevil, PeaBollworm, PinkBeetle, Red FlourWeevil, RiceBeetle, Sawtoothed GrainMoth, AlmondMoth, IndianmealMoth, Tobacco/WarehouseMoth, Mediterranean FlourCadelleWeevil, GranaryBorer, Lesser GrainMoth, Angoumois GrainBeetle, Rusty GrainBeetle, Flat GrainBeetle, Hairy FungusWeevil, MaizeBeetle, SpiderMealworm, YellowBee, African/KillerBeetle, DermestidFruit FlyWeevil, BeanMoth, RaisinBeetle, KhapraMoth, Dried FruitMoth, Greater WaxMoth, European GrainMouseGround SquirrelPrairie DogVoleRat, RoofRat, NorwayMoleWoodchucksMarmot, YellowbellyChipmunksPocket Gophers


AlmondBarleyBrazil NutCashewCoffeeCorn (All Types)Corn, PopPod CropsDateFigFilbertGrass, For SeedMillet (Grain)Nuts (All Types)OatPeanutPecanPistachioRiceRice, WildRyeSafflowerSoybeanSunflowerTobaccoTobacco, StoredTriticaleWalnutWheatCotton, For SeedCocoa/CacaoSorghumSesameSeed CropsFlowers, For SeedNon-Food CropsAnimal FeedsBambooWood ChipsAnimal Sleeping QuartersVehiclesContainersRail CarsTrucksWarehousesPaper ProductsCotton, ProcessedCotton, UnprocessedWoolClothFeathersHuman Hair, ProcessedLeather ProductsFurProcessed FoodsProcessed candy and sugarCereal flours and bakery mixesCereal foodsProcessed cerealsProcessed oatsCheeseCocoa powderDark Chocolate CoatingMilk ChocolateProcessed CoffeeCorn GritsCured Meat ProductsDried Meat ProductsDried FishDried EggsEgg Yolk SolidsDried MilkDried Powdered MilkNondairy CreamersNonfat Dried MilkDried or Dehydrated FruitsProcessed HerbsSpicesSeasoningsCondimentsMaltProcessed NutsSoybean Flour and Milled FractionsProcessed TeaYeastDried Plants and FlowersSilosBunkerPackaged FoodsRubberized hairVulcanized hairMohairFood Processing PlantsGrain MillsBargesFeed MillsBinsTiresWoodStorage BinsShip HoldsDried Fruits in Storage
Product safety



May be exposed to direct sunlight

Is not vulnerable to flame or sparks

Should not be stored in a damp place

May be stored in a warm place

May be frozen