Helena Introduces Resurge, Looks to Grow Humic Market

Available for the 2020 season, Helena Agri-Enterprises introduces Resurge, a humic fertilizer product for banded and broadcast applications. Resurge features an exclusive, low-dust formulation in granule form that minimizes handling issues, reduces mixing problems, and avoids inconsistent distribution.

“Due to intensive farming practices over time, we began to lose the natural humic substances that mobilize nutrients from the soil to the plant. By adding the right humic product from a proven ore source to our fertilizer applications, we can put life back into the soil,” Mike Powell, Manager of BioScience Brands at Helena said in the product announcement.

The company says humic substances improve nutrient efficiency and strengthen plant growth by making soil-bound nutrients available.  

The active ingredient in Resurge has been tested and used for 19 years across 1500 field trials with a 86% win rate. 

By making the product easier to handle, the company sees large growth in the humic market. 

The uniform granules provide consistent flowability, and the product breaks down quickly in the soil while holding nutrients in the root zone longer. 

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