Crop Tech - December 2019

Syngenta alleges Atticus’ products Acadia 2SC, Acadia ESQ, Aquila XL, Artavia 2 SC and Artavia Xcel each infringe their patents relating to manufacturing azoxystrobin fungicide.

The company says Atticus’ infringement allows them to unfairly compete in the crop protection market by taking advantage of product development investments made by Syngenta.

“Contrary to Syngenta’s allegations, the azoxystrobin products from Atticus do not infringe on Syngenta’s narrow process patents,” Atticus CEO Randy Canady said in a news release.

Azoxystrobin is a fungicide that controls a variety of plant diseases, which ultimately benefits yield. Syngenta’s branded azoxystrobin products include Abound Heritage, Quadris and Quilt.

Wheat Seed Treatment in Development

California-based BioConsortia, which creates microbial solutions, plans to broadly register a new wheat seed treatment. The company is seeking partners for the product.

The seed treatment uses spore-forming bacteria compatible with commercial synthetic seed treatments. It colonizes on wheat root systems in a wide variety of soil types, fertility treatments and environments. Specifically, the root colonization helps the plant acquire nutrients, leading to better nutrient efficiencies and higher yields.

It will likely be sold for tank mix and in combination with a fungicide or insecticide seed treatment.

High-Tech View of Seed Treatments

To give farmers and seed dealers a new way to look at and talk about seed treatments, Acceleron has released the Virtual Root Dig app.

Available for iOS, the free app uses augmented reality to show the microscopic threats to plants as well as how roots and components of the plants react to stress.

With this app, you can create a plant by pointing the iPad or iPhone camera at any flat surface. Then you can watch it grow, dig it up, inspect the roots and more. The app guides users to select a crop (corn or soybeans), and then select a seed treatment product (fungicide, insecticide, nematicides or biological).

Acceleron will not be offering NemaStrike as a nematode control in 2020, however, the company is marketing iLeVo, which has shown control on nematodes.

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