AgPro Podcast: John Guglielmi With Brandt Consolidated

AgPro Podcast EP 038 John Guglielmi, Brandt Consolidated
John Guglielmi, national sales director at Brandt Consolidated, explains how the company maintains its focus on nutrient efficiency provided by its products to a range of industries. 

Guglielmi has been in the fertilizer business for 30 years, and he’s had roles in serving both the wholesale and retail side of the business as well as ag and turf customers. 

Here’s how he explains the company serves both the ag and turf industries: 

“We are focused on plant health innovation. All of our customers have one thing in common, which is the need for good plant nutrition. Growers, agricultural producers and turf managers are all trying to improve crop quality. The products that we manufacture help accomplish this goal for all customers. With our products, we want to drive nutrient efficiency. We want to increase the absorption of the nutrient we apply and increase the plant’s performance by increasing root mass and the plant’s ability to withstand any environmental stress.” 

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