Valent To Offer New Insecticide, Herbicide In 2020

Farmers shopping for options to address corn rootworm in 2020 can consider Valent’s new soil-applied insecticide, Ampex-EZ, pending EPA approval. Ampex-EZ is a systemic neonicotinoid and includes the active ingredient clothianidin.

According to Valent, Ampex-EZ can be applied in-furrow and is compatible with seed treatments and traits. When applied, the product is systemic and moves via the plant’s xylem to control corn rootworm, white grub, seed corn maggot, wireworms and black cutworm.

It is a liquid fertilizer-compatible product that can be added to existing in-furrow starter programs. It carries only a caution label and requires no special equipment or closed handling system.

In addition to its new insecticide, Valent will be launching its first glufosinate herbicide product for the 2020 growing season. It’s named Scout and provides pre- and post-emergent control of weeds in systems with LibertyLink traits or other forms of glufosinate tolerance.

Rates are as follows:

  • First post-emergent application: 32 fl. oz. per acre, when weeds are 3” or shorter
  • Second post-emergent application (if needed): 32 fl. oz. per acre, 21 days after first application
Scout comes in a 265-gallon tote for cotton and soybeans and should be mixed with AMS adjuvant at 1- to 3-pounds per acre. Valent says applications are most effective between two hours after sunrise and two hours before sunset.


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