Recapping Crop Tour 2019’s Seven-States’ Results

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After four days of trudging through rain and mud, crop scouts from Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour can dry off their boots. Later today the team at Pro Farmer will release their national yield estimates in corn and soybeans.

Until then, here’s a recap of what scouts found in the seven states they toured (corn is measured bu. per acre and soybeans are pods per 3’ X 3’ square):

  • Illinois
    • Corn 171.17
    • Soybeans 997.68
  • Indiana
    • Corn 161.46
    • Soybeans 923.94
  • Iowa
    • Corn 182.83
    • Soybeans 1,106.91
  • Minnesota
    • Corn 170.37
    • Soybeans 965.31
  • Nebraska
    • Corn 172.55
    • Soybeans 1,210.83
  • Ohio
    • Corn 154.35
    • Soybeans 764.01
  • South Dakota
    • Corn 154.08
    • Soybeans 832.85
Eastern Tour

Scouts along the eastern tour endured field after field of disappointment until they reached eastern Iowa. Illinois shocked tour participants, dipping more-than 21 bu. below last year’s estimates and almost 400 pods per 3’ X 3’ square fewer than 2018. Ohio, Indiana and Illinois all featured extensive acres of prevent plant and showed ponding and bare spots throughout the fields that did get planted. The eastern Corn Belt was far worse-off than its western neighbors.

Western Tour

The west side of the Pro Farmer Crop Tour proved to include the states with the most yield potential. Nebraska dominated soybean anticipated pods per 3’ X 3’ square--by more than 100 pods. Iowa impressed with an expected yield of more-than 182 bu. per acre. While South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota all had prevent plant acres, the states are expected to perform better than eastern states. South Dakota was the lowest, as the state got off to a challenging start this spring.


Find complete Crop Tour route reports, market analysis and historical comparisons at

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