Four Tips To Sell Fungicides in 2019

The variability in plant maturities and environments have crop scouts busy looking for diseases in 2019. Layer on the current farm economics, and the fungicide market in 2019 is complex. 

Earlier this year, BASF received approval for Revysol, that the company says is the first and only isopropanol azole of its kind. With the new product—sold as Veltyma in corn and Revytek in soybeans—BASF aims to grow its application to 31 million treated corn and soybean acres in the next five years.

Here are four tips you can use in selling the fungicides from the BASF experts: 

  1. Matt Bradley, a product manager with BASF, says while 90% of farmers have tried a fungicide, only 40% are actively using fungicides today. He also says 30% of the farmers say they aren’t using a fungicide, but they want to use more—they just don’t quite understand the benefit it provides their operation.
  2. Bradley says with the new product introduction the company aims “to regain farmer confidence through our 21st Century Active Ingredient Technology as well as the formulation capabilities that have been introduced into the market since 2009.”  
    Revysol offers broader spectrum of activity, stronger activity, as well as longer residual activity on the diseases. In corn, it helps control Gray Leaf Spot, Northern Corn Leaf Blight, Tar Spot, Southern Rust, and Southern Corn Leaf Blight. In 11 soybean trials in 2018, in these 11 trials there was 7.6 bushel per acre yield improvement with Revytek over untreated, and BASF claims two bushels per acre yield improvement over the competitive treatments.
  3. Visible validation can reassure the fungicide decision. In Veltyma applications, Bradley notes, “You can actually see the product working in the field long after the other competitors have stopped performing. And this visible validation is what we believe one of the key differentiators in our Veltyma brand that corn farmers will see going forward.”
    Revytek also displays a visible validation and the company says has a 98% win rate versus competitive standards in research crop trials. 
  4. When talking about plant health benefits, focus on consistent performance. 
    Paula Halabicki explains Veltyma and Revytek applications mitigate disease stress and environmental stresses. She says plant growth is due to balancing antioxidants and oxidative stresses, and when plants are under stress they produce the hormone ethylene.
    “We know with applications with our BASF Plant Health Products is that we can minimize or decrease the amount of ethylene that's produced under stress and we can actually visualize that in a field situation by using thermal imaging cameras and so what you see here is a thermal image of an untreated corn plot beside a Veltyma fungicide-treated corn plot,” she says.

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