BASF's Revysol Fungicide Gains EPA Registration

This past week, BASF received registration for its Revysol fungicide from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This is the first isopropanol azole active ingredient of this kind to hit the market.

Revysol targets a broad range of diseases in several crops. Its unique isopropanol link can also control DMI-resistant fungal strains. In recent BASF trials it showed efficacy against Northern corn leaf blight, cercospora leaf spot in sugar beets, frogeye leaf spot in soybeans and powdery mildew in grapes.

The company lists the following benefits of the new product:

  • Can be used on a wide variety of crops
  • A faster uptake by the plant for immediate disease protection
  • Rainfast and has low water solubility so the active has longer residual activity
  • Certain features provide curative activity

“Revysol fungicide will give growers the confidence to manage disease and resistance effectively while reducing their exposure to weather-related risks,” said Paula Halabicki, BASF technical marketing manager in a recent news release. “The treatment offers longer residual properties than its competitors and protects against many weather conditions like drought, hail, frost and heat."

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