UPL Officially Launches OpenAg After Arysta Acquisition

UPL Officially Launches OpenAg After Arysta Acquisition
Since announcing it in July 2018 and closing on the acquisition of Arysta LifeScience in February 2019, UPL has created a new brand for the unified company—OpenAg. 

The company says OpenAg draws on its goal to build an “open agricultural network” while unifying employees and encouraging global collaboration within its network of partners, distributors, farmers, suppliers and retailers. 

“Our new purpose OpenAg is all about new initiatives and fresh energy, which is why UPL needs a new brand. The living identity reflects the co-creative potential with our partners in growth,” Jai Shroff, UPL Global CEO said in a recent news release. “The sustainability of our food system relies on agriculture to operate without limits or borders, which is what OpenAg will do. The brand is therefore a living entity, symbolizing our business’ commitment to creating open agriculture for connected, sustainable growth. We are very excited to unveil our new identity and vision the world.”

UPL has a presence in 130 countries and reports $5 billion in global sales. 

“The new brand brings UPL’s vision of borderless existence and limitless optimism for the food chain to life, through a fresh, creative expression,” Rico Christensen, UPL’s Chief Marketing Officer, said in news release. “Each version of the UPL symbol is born, lives and is finally replaced in a continuous cycle. It represents the moving nature of modern agriculture, the story of UPL’s evolving food network as well as the coming together of different elements to form one perfect yet changing moment in time.

The company’s product include patented and post-patent crop protection products including biologicals and seed treatment. 

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