Rain Could Cut 3 Million Corn Acres

Rain Could Cut 3 Million Corn Acres
With more rain in the forecast and prevented plant dates looming or past for corn, farmers will likely see fewer corn acres than USDA predicted in its March prospective planting report.

“There is a reasonably high chance that planted acreage of corn will decline two to three million acres from expectations based on the March 30 USDA Prospective Plantings report,” according to University of Illinois Economist Steve Irwin in a May 7 FarmDoc report. He’s since suggested that number will likely be closer to the three million number in light of poor weather conditions.

However, soybeans might not see the same dramatic acreage shift.

“There is a reasonably high change that planted acreage of soybeans will not change much compared to expectations,” Irwin said. “Changes to corn and soybean planted acreage could be even larger if planting conditions do not improve substantially in the next two weeks.”

Delayed farmers are sharing their thoughts and concerns:

Delays could soon yield to yield losses, from gradual to extreme:

And finally, what many farmers are thinking:

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