EPA Approves Nufarm’s Trunemco Nematode Seed Treatment

EPA Approves Nufarm’s Trunemco Nematode Seed Treatment
On May 16, Nufarm announced that the EPA has approved its seed treatment Trunemco for the management of nematodes in soybeans, cotton and corn. 

“As nematodes begin to develop resistance to many nematode-resistant varieties, growers may not realize they aren’t fully protected,” Tom Kroll, Nufarm seed treatment product and technical services manager said in a recent news release.

Trunemco is patented technology for broad-spectrum nematode protection. The seed treatment is a biochemical and microbial solution. The company says the biochemical actives prime plant physiology, activating its defenses, and the microbial actives give protection to support root health and seedling vigor. 

The company says the product has a low use rate (0.3 fl oz/CWT) and high product compatibility giving it ease of use in the seed treatment process. 

You can view the announcement of the Trunemco seed treatment here: 

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