Ken Ferrie: Teach Your Corn Planter To Dance In Wet Field Conditions

tmp ferrie ground
A lot of farmers are planting corn in wet, less-than-ideal field conditions this spring. But you can make a bad situation better by teaching your planter how to dance, says Ken Ferrie, Farm Journal Field Agronomist and owner of CropTech Consulting Inc. near Heyworth, Ill.

“Technology is what makes planting in these wet soils a viable option,” Ferrie says. “Technology can help you clean the dirt clods and root balls out of the way, while still keeping dry soil on top of the field.”

Planting success ultimately depends on having the right settings for your row cleaners, downforce pressure and planter closing system, and then taking the time to ground truth seed placement in the trench.

In the following video, Ferrie shows you the planter adjustments you need to make step-by-step to have a successful corn-planting experience in wet conditions.


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