Aerial Application By The Numbers

Aerial Application By The Numbers
Every six to eight years, the National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA) conducts its Aerial Application Industry Survey of operators and pilots. "With our growing numbers, embrace of environmental protection technologies and techniques and an infusion of younger operators and pilots, NAAA's 2019 industry 'census' demonstrates the industry is well-positioned to work hand in hand with ag retailers in support of farmers," says NAAA executive director Andrew Moore. Here are the key takeaways for ag retailers. 

U.S. Aerial Application Industry


Average Age Maximum Daily Acres Treated with One Aircraft


Usual Daily Acres Treated with One Aircraft


Aircraft Used


Aerial TechAerial Application Stats Learn more about the complete 2019 Operator and Pilot Survey report, which for the first time includes the addition of pilot salary and income data, by visiting

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