6 Stretches and Exercises to Power Your Planting Season

6 Stretches and Exercises to Power Your Planting Season
Long hours in the tractor or truck can leave you feeling uncomfortable. Try these six stretches from Allison Hartman, Physical Therapist with Pro-Activity, to fuel your safe planting season.

"The techniques and corrective exercises/mobility techniques displayed in this guide are designed to target regions that are commonly impacted," Hartman explains in her mobilityCORRECTIVES guide for farmers. She reminds farmers this isn't a prescription and you should always check with your doctor to decide if this is the best routine for your needs.

"These techniques are designed to be done in whatever formate best suits your needs," she adds. "Do the whole routine daily after getting your body slightly warmed up, pick and choose your favorite techniques to meet what you are feeling that day or use them as a cool-down at the end of the day."

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