10 Ways to Get Ready for Planting

10 ways planting
Many farmers are chomping at the bit as rain and flooding keeps them out of fields. If you’re one of many waiting to get out with a planter, there are a few ways you can get yourself as ready as possible in the shop.

Farm Journal columnist Dan Anderson says you shouldn’t let the excitement of getting in the field for the first time each spring provoke planting mistakes that compromise yield from the get-go.

Here are 10 tips for planting. Click the links for more detailed advice on each planting tip.

  1. Hook up hoses perfectly
  2. Meet your volt needs
  3. Load seed wisely
  4. Search for machine shed gremlins
  5. Refresh your software knowledge
  6. Check your down pressure
  7. Calibrate your seed
  8. Ensure good seed spacing
  9. Shoot for even emergence
  10. Browse your manual

Above all, stay safe this planting season. Get enough sleep and try not to hurry—that’s when accidents can happen. Let us know how planting season is—or isn’t—going in the comments!

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