55% of Corn and 60% of Soybeans Under Spring Flood Risk

US Spring Flood outlook
Recent flood events mean many corn and soybean acres are at risk of late planting—if fields get planted at all. Planalytics, a business weather intelligence firm based in Pennsylvania estimates more than half of all corn and soybean acres are at risk of flooding this spring.

“Planalytics… recently reported on the convergence of conditions that led to what has already been described as the worst flooding disaster to ever hit the region,” the company said in a news release. “Planalytics estimates that 55% of U.S. corn acres and 60% of soybean acres are at risk of either major or moderate flooding this spring.”

Just 8% of the soybean and 14% of corn acres are minimal flooding risk for the year, according to the company. Most risk is concentrated in Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska, with additional risky states of Missouri, North Dakota and Illinois.

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