Crop Tech - Early Spring 2019

Crop Tech - Early Spring 2019
BASF and its licensee partners are rolling out the LL-GT27 and GT27 soybean traits in a variety of maturities and varieties this year. The new LL-GT27 trait features tolerances to glufosinate, glyphosate and HPPD inhibitors—although HPPDs aren’t yet approved for over-the-top use.

In addition, certain glyphosate brands might not be legal to apply over-the-top. EPA recently provided Ohio State University researchers with guidance.

“If the soybean section of the [herbicide] label restricts use to certain genetics by trade name—Roundup Ready, Roundup Ready 2 Yield, etc.—then it would not be legal to apply to the LL-GT27 and GT27 soybeans,” said Mark Loux, Ohio State University, in a recent C.O.R.N. Newsletter. “We assume label language will adapt over time to take care of the glyphosate issue.”

For now, look for wording that says “glyphosate resistant” or “glyphosate tolerant” before spraying the herbicide on LL-GT27 and GT27 soybeans.

Bayer Prepares for 2020 XtendFlex Soybean Debut

Adding to its XtendiMax platform, Bayer plans to introduce XtendFlex soybean technology in 2020, pending regulatory approval. The new soybean trait stack includes tolerances to glyphosate, dicamba and, newly added, glufosinate.

The European Union is the last country left to approve the product as China, Philippines and other relevant export partners have already given the product the OK. The company plans to broadly license this technology just like it did with Roundup Ready 2 Xtend.

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New Seed Treatments by 2020

Seed and chemical companies are actively seeking the next solution for soil-borne diseases, pests and other early season challenges in the form of seed treatments.

Nufarm recently acquired Trunemco from BASF. It is a soybean, corn and cotton seed treatment that features a low-dose rate of 0.3 oz. per cwt. The product is still waiting for EPA registration, but the company anticipates a 2020 launch date.

According to the Nufarm, Trunemco protects against the following nematode pests:

  • Corn: dagger, lance, needle, pin, ring, root knot, root lesion, spiral, sting, stubby root and stunt.
  • Soybeans: reniform, root knot and soybean cyst.
  • Cotton: Columbia lance, reniform and root knot.
Corteva is introducing an upgrade to its Lumigen corn seed treatment, which includes a new nematicide named Lumialza. The treatment, which will be released in 2020, also includes 250 Lumisure and 250 Lumivia.

Lumialza nematicide seed treatment has efficacy against a broad spectrum of nematodes, including sting, needle, lance, stubby-root, root knot, dagger and lesion.

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BASF to Launch Revysol Fungicide

Coined the “Apple watch” of corn and soybean fungicides, if the Apple watch were compared with a pedometer, BASF is preparing to launch their new product Revysol. The fungicide brings to fruition more than 10 years of research and development and could encompass approximately 30 million soybean and 34 million corn acres by 2023.

Branded Veltyma in corn and Revytek in soybeans, the fungicides will be used in field trials this year. BASF anticipates EPA registration this summer and a full launch next year. It can be used in 10 different crops and provides control for 30 ailments, including curative and preventative activities.

Revysol fungicide provides activity against:

  • Corn: gray leaf spot, northern corn leaf blight, southern corn leaf blight, southern rust and tar spot.
  • Soybean: frogeye leaf spot, septoria brown spot, cercospora blight and aerial web blight.
  • Wheat: common rust, stripe rust, septoria and powdery mildew.
  • Peanut: late leaf spot, early leaf pot, southern stem rot and rhizoctonia limb rot.
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