Bayer Prepares for 2020 XtendFlex Soybean Launch

Bayer Prepares for 2020 XtendFlex Soybean Launch
Adding to its Roundup Ready 2 Xtend platform, Bayer intends to introduce XtendFlex soybean technology in 2020, pending regulatory approval. The new soybean trait stack includes tolerances to glyphosate, dicamba and, newly added, glufosinate.

The European Union is the last country left to approve the product as China, Philippines and other relevant export partners have already given the product the “ok.” The company plans to broadly license this technology just like it did with Roundup Ready 2 Xtend.

“We’re really excited about bringing the added flexibility of the herbicide options,” says Lisa Streck, Bayer North American soybean launch lead. “For the 2019 season we’re excited about our Ground Breaker’s program that includes XtendFlex. We’ll also have that product in our field days and at our academic centers.”

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