Fertilizer Institute Introduces New Market Intelligence Tool

Fertilizer Institute Introduces New Market Intelligence Tool
Key fertilizer industry market indicators are now available in a portal on The Fertilizer Institute's (TFI) website. By using the platform, which is available onTFI's members-only web portal, individuals can create custom data reports and capture data snapshots to visualize fertilizer industry trends over time.

"TFI has long been the trusted source of North American fertilizer market intelligence data, and this new platform ensures that all of our members have tools to visualize and ultimately act upon this critical information in a 24-7 world," said TFI President & CEO, Chris Jahn. 

TFI's new market intelligence platform allows each user to build a customized data dashboard, which can be saved for easy access in the future. With TFI's industry data dashboard, members can turn their custom reports into PowerPoint and report-ready graphics. Sometimes a look at past trends helps to make sense of current news, so TFI's new platform also features access to archived data from key TFI reports.

TFI market reports that are now available on the new platform are:

  • The Fertilizer RECORD (monthly data released quarterly): The RECORD provides the most current monthly information on production, producer inventories and producer disappearance. 
  • Fertilizer Imports and Exports: Monthly fertilizer trade data (quantity and value for imports and quantity for exports) by material and country of origin for imports and by country of destination for exports. The report also includes totals by nutrient. 
  • Phosphate Materials Export Report: Reports U.S. exports of wet-process phosphoric acid and combined diammonium phosphate (DAP) and monoammonium phosphate (MAP) by country of destination on a monthly, calendar year-to-date and fertilizer year-to-date basis. 
  • Feedgrade Phosphate Report: Reports monthly sales of dicalcium, tricalcium and monocalcium phosphate. This report also includes a monthly history back to January 1984.

"Making sense of large data sets can be frustrating, not to mention time-consuming," said Jahn. "With this new platform, all TFI members can drill-down and find product-specific information that might previously have been buried in TFI's comprehensive reports." 

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