China Approves Enlist E3 Soybeans

China Approves Enlist E3 Soybeans
Enlist E3 soybeans, jointly developed by Dow Agrosciences and MS Technologies, is finally approved for import by China. Reuters reports the country approved five new genetically modified crops for import for the first time in 18 months Tuesday.

With this approval, farmers can plant Enlist E3 soybeans that include tolerances to 2,4-D choline, glyphosate and glufosinate. Herbicide options for Enlist E3 soybeans include Enlist Duo, a mix of glyphosate and 2,4-D choline, and Enlist One, a straight-goods 2,4-D choline option that can be tank mixed with approved herbicides.

“We are aware that the China Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA) published on their website the intent to issue safety certificates for the DP 4114 trait and Enlist E3™ soybean trait,” Corteva, the Agricultural Division of DowDupont said in a statement provided to AgWeb. “We are pleased with this and look forward to receiving the official safety certificates.”

Prior to this decision farmers could only plant Enlist E3 soybeans in certain areas. China’s green light gives farmers across the U.S. access to another tool to manage weeds.

Reuters reports the other crops approved for import by China include: BASF’s RF3 cannola and Bayer-owned Monsanto’s glyphosate-tolerant MON 88302 canola; SYHT0H2 soybean developed by Bayer CropScience and Syngenta but now owned by BASF. In addition, Dow’s DP4114 corn was also approved.

Stay tuned for more updates on Enlist E3 and other newly-approved GM products as they become available at

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