BASF To Introduce New Soybean Seed Treatment September 2019

BASF To Introduce New Soybean Seed Treatment September 2019
BASF is launching Vault IP Plus seed treatment and Obvius Plus fungicide seed treatment for soybean growers next year. The two were recently registered by EPA and will be available September 2019.

“With the addition of Vault IP Plus and Obvius Plus seed treatments, we offer soybean growers an even broader portfolio that will get them off to a strong start this season,” said Martin Horrocks, director of North American Seed Solutions at BASF, in a recent press release.

The company says the Vault IP seed treatment increases root nodulation and disease protection to create a healthy plant. It increases root growth, nutrient uptake and yield potential.

Obvius Plus creates fast emergence and healthier plants, according to Justin Clark, BASF technical marketing manager. It delivers four-way disease protection from phytophthora, Pythium, fusarium and rhizoctonia.

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