New Pioneer Line Provides Option To Plant 10% Fewer Seeds

New Pioneer Line Provides Option To Plant 10% Fewer Seeds
Corteva Agrisciences’ Pioneer is introducing acreFLEX to help reduce input costs. Products in the acreFLEX line are said to achieve competitive yields, while planting 10% fewer seeds.

According to Pioneer, the products have flex ears that allow the hybrids to take full advantage of the extra “room” they receive with lower populations. They thereby create longer, fuller ears and have a flex rating of five or better. In Pioneer hybrids, nine is the highest rating and one is the lowest rating.

“The flex ear allows farmers to plant fewer plants per acre,” says Ryan Meyers, U.S. corn category lead. He said they tested a variety of populations to determine the optimal seeding rates for each hybrid.

The company says the new hybrids have a minimum of a two bu. per acre yield advantage versus competitors and a 10% lower recommended economic seeding rate than other hybrids in the Pioneer lineup within the same maturity. This (2019) is the first commercial year for the products to be designated as acreFLEX.

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