Wheat Seed Available Through FBN Direct

Wheat Seed Available Through FBN Direct
Arcadia Biosciences, creator of GoodWheat, recently partnered with Farmer’s Business Network (FBN) to offer its wheat varieties online through FBN Direct. GoodWheat is an identity-preserved specialty product that could help increase farmer profitability when compared with commodity wheat.

GoodWheat offers varieties with high fiber-resistant starch, reduced gluten and other specialties. Arcadia created the GoodWheat lineup to address consumer demands and provide farmers and food manufacturers with opportunities to differentiate their products at a premium.

This agreement with FBN allows Arcadia to scale up production of specialty wheat products to meet anticipated demand following the 2019 commercial launch.

“With their commitment to innovation and growing network of premier farmers, the FBN network is an ideal partner to help us build capacity for our specialty wheat varieties,” said Raj Ketkar, Arcadia president and CEO, in a recent press release.

FBN says Arcadia provides its users opportunities with wheat, which they might not otherwise have.

“This important partnership with Arcadia provides our members access to grow specialty, identity-preserved GoodWheat and enables them to earn a premium over commodity wheat,” says Amol Deshpande, FBN CEO and co-founder.

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