Ecommerce Site Provides Bid, Payment And Reporting Platform

Ecommerce Site Provides Bid, Payment And Reporting Platform
Founded by farmers and retailers, Texas-based Agrellus offers crop protection products, fertilizer, irrigation parts and other inputs via an online platform. According to its CEO, when the company started in 2017 it found an online niche to help farmers achieve savings, while still respecting the current retail model.

“We built our platform using our knowledge of how retail supply works and what growers need,” says Rusty Andrews, Agrellus CEO and farmer. “We built this within the existing channel and don’t favor retailers over farmers or vice versa.”

The company boasts thousands of products on its site—more than 7,000 at press time. Farmers who want to use the site must create an account, complete with geographical information as well as delivery and pickup preferences. From there, farmers request price quotes with specific delivery requirements. Retailers review requests and respond with quotes for farmers to consider.

With suppliers across a large region, most fertilizer, seed, herbicides, adjuvants, defoliants, insecticides, growth regulators, fungicides and so on, will be available in at least one location. Agrellus says it has hundreds of grower members and dozens of retailer members with the greatest activity in the south central states.

“Our growers are telling us they’re saving 14% to 26% using Agrellus,” Andrews says. “I’ve seen someone save 26% on a $243,000 purchase—we can trace and prove that one.”

He details total savings will vary based on what you’re buying, but that it’s good for not just farmers, but retailers, too. “Instead of letting inventory sit in a shop and collect dust, retailers can get their products to growers who will use it,” Andrews says.

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