New Seed Care Portfolio from West Central Distribution

Ridgeline portfolio, by West Central Distribution (WCD), offers seed treatments with multiple fungicide and insecticide chemistries for soybeans and cereals.

In the lineup you’ll find Halifax fungicide, Halifax fungicide and insecticide, Lancaster fungicide and Lancaster fungicide and insecticide. Halifax fungicide uses two types of fungicide seed treatments for soybeans and other legumes to control phytophthora. Halifax fungicide and insecticide has three fungicides and one insecticide. Lancaster fungicide has three fungicides to be used in cereals. Lancaster fungicide and insecticide adds “next generation” insecticide and systemic fungicide.

“Using a quality seed treatment is critical in ensuring crops have superior protection against disease and insects from the moment the seed is planted,” says Blake Murnan, product development manager at WCD. “We are excited to provide ag retailers with the new Ridgeline Seed Care portfolio. This new seed treatment line is a wonderful choice for retailers looking for a convenient and premier packaged seed treatment.”

The products will be available in a variety of sizes such as 2x2.5-gallon jugs, 15-gallon kegs and 250-gallon shuttles. 

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