Two New Herbicides Available in 2018

A new pre-emerge and a new post-emerge herbicide will be available for farmers in 2018. Dow AgroSciences is introducing pre-emerge Elevore for corn, soybeans and cotton and DuPont Crop Protection is introducing EverpreX for post-emerge use in soybeans.

“Elevore has a new active ingredient—Arylex active—which has a unique binding affinity and provides systematic control of broadleaves,” says Lindsey Hecht, Dow herbicide product manager. It’s a group 4 herbicide that Hecht says should be mixed with other common burndowns such as ALS or glyphosate.

Dow’s new product is a one ounce use rate and can kill marestail up to 8” tall—though they encourage farmers to catch them before 4” tall to preserve the technology. Elevore can be applied 14 days prior to planting corn and soybeans and 30 days prior to cotton.

DuPont’s EverpreX features S-metolachlor, a group 15 herbicide for control of small seeded broadleaf weeds such as waterhemp. “It’s a good fit for in-crop application and helps stop later emerging flushes of weeds,” says Jenny Goodman, DuPont global product manager for corn and soybeans.

The product can be tank mixed with other premixes to ensure farmers are applying multiple modes of action across the field. EverpreX has a two to four week residual and is a one to 1.5 pint use rate, depending on weed pressure and type of weeds in the field. Goodman says there is a wide window of application so farmers can apply the product anytime they expect or catch an additional flush of weeds.

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