Syngenta Licenses Enlist Corn and Soybeans

NK soybean varieties launched for 2018
Syngenta will sell corn and soybeans with Dow AgroSciences Enlist event following their agreement with Dow AgroSciences and M.S. Technologies.

The non-exclusive licensing agreement is for soybean Enlist E3 stack in the U.S. Canada and Latin America and soybean Conkesta Enlist E3 stack in Latin America as well as the Enlist event in corn. The company will place the event into their own corn and soybean genetics.

“This is another step in delivering on our commitment to enhance our seed offering and ensure continued choice for growers,” says Jeff Rowe, Syngenta president of global seeds and North America.

Syngenta also sells LibertyLink and Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybeans. Currently, the company does not have a release date for their Enlist products, including newly-approved Enlist corn.

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