AMVAC Acquires Three Product Lines from Adama

AMVAC Acquires Three Product Lines from Adama
The trend toward consolidation isn’t slowing. AMVAC Chemical Corporation added to the trend after recently closing on abamectin insecticide, chlorothalonil fungicide and paraquat herbicide from Adama Agricultural Solutions (part of China National Chemical Corporation, “ChemChina” group).

AMVAC will now own all trademarks, product registrations, registration data and commercial data for the products within the U.S. AMVAC now owns: Parazone 3 SL (paraquat), Equus 500 ZN fungicide (chlorothalonil), Equus 720 SST (chlorothalonil), Equus DF (chlorothalonil), Abba Ultra Miticide/Insecticide (abamectin), Abba 0.15 (abamectin), Abba 0.15EC (abamectin) and Borrada (abamectin).

“The acquisition of these three products continues the successful track record of providing important solutions to the American farmer for both high value and broad-acre crops,” says Eric Wintemute, chairman and CEO of American Vangaurd Corporation, parent company of AMVAC in a recent press release. “We believe these products will increase full year domestic sales by 10% to 15%.”

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