Crops Progress Despite Excessive Rain

Despite weeks of downpour, farmers across the U.S. are pushing forward and getting crops in the ground. Corn is 84% planted, just one point behind the five-year average, and soybeans are 53% planted or one point above the five-year average.

“Wet is an understatement,” says Derek Blair, farmer in Marion, Ind. His farm received about 3.5” of rain this weekend alone—and others got more, up to 25” in the past month in some parts of the country. This excessive rain means many farmers are looking at replant or other delays. USDA does not show replant in crop progress reports.

Kansas and Pennsylvania are lagging the most, at 16 points and 10 points (respectively) behind their five-year corn planting average. Wisconsin farmers got 12” of rain last week, 20” of rain since Easter and are seven points behind the five-year average. Illinois is tracking well with 89% of their corn planted and 40% of soybeans planted.

National Weather Service, Christopher Walljasper/Farm Journal Media

Soybeans are faring well despite weather challenges. At one point above the five-year average and 19% emerged, they’re off to an excellent start—but will still need dedicated scouting to tackle any moisture-related diseases that could arise in the coming weeks. Here are some scouting tips based on this year’s weather.

Wheat is trucking along as well with 72% headed and 52% rated good to excellent. Texas wheat farmers are leading the charge at 98% headed, seven points ahead of the five-year average.

How much rain have you gotten on your farm? Do you have to replant? Let us know in the comments!

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