Corn Acres Got 145 Lb. of N in 2016

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According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) “2016 Agricultural Chemical Use Survey,” farmers applied an average 145 lb. of nitrogen per acre to the 2016 corn crop.

Nearly all corn acres (97%) received a nitrogen application in 2016, according to the NASS survey. The majority of corn acres also received phosphate (79%) and potash (65%) applications, at an average rate of 61 lb. per acre and 80 lb. per acre, respectively. Only one-third of corn acres received a sulfur application, at an average rate of 16 lb. per acre.

Across the U.S., a total of 12.2 billion lb. of N was applied to the 2016 corn crop.

The survey also asked farmers about herbicide, insecticide and fungicide use. Nearly all corn acres (97%) received a herbicide application in 2016, with the vast minority receiving an insecticide (12%) or fungicide (12%) application. The most commonly applied herbicides include:

  • Atrazine (60%)
  • Glyphosate (33%)
  • Acetochlor (31%
To combat weeds in their fields, farmers report using a variety of preventive, avoidance, monitoring and suppression practices, including:

  • Scouting for weeds (90%)
  • Crop rotation in the past three years (79%)
  • No-till or minimum till (64%)
  • Ground cover / mulches / other physical barriers (38%)
Click here to read the full survey results.

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