New Nematode Control Option Approved

New Nematode Control Option Approved
The Environmental Protection Agency recently approved NemaStrike, by Monsanto for 2018. The product is still pending state approvals, but this marks another step toward getting the product in farmer hands.

NemaStrike will be offered as part of Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions to protect the root zone. The product includes the active ingredient tioxazafen that is said to provide broad-spectrum control of plant parasitic nematodes in corn, soybeans and cotton.


Siting three years of testing, Monsanto claims NemaStrike provides a seven bu. per acre advantage in corn over the competitive standard with a 73% positive response rate, three bu. per acre advantage in soybeans with a 68% positive response rate and 80 lbs. lint per acre cotton with an 86% positive response rate in cotton.

“Nematodes are a real concern, and farmers may be significantly underestimating the damage nematodes are causing to their crops,” said Jared Thomas, Monsanto North America seed applied solutions portfolio manager.

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