BASF Expands Digital Farming Portfolio

BASF Expands Digital Farming Portfolio
Helping grow their digital farming footprint, BASF recently acquired ZedX, digital agriculture intelligence developer of Pennsylvania. ZedX focuses on developing agronomic weather, crop and pest models to provide insight for agricultural production.

This strategic acquisition gives BASF more access to the growing data market in agriculture. “In a time where digital transformation is changing business, BASF aims to ensure that agronomic insights and recommendations from digital solutions help its customers make better, more informed decisions,” the company said in a recent press release.

BASF participated in a three year partnership with ZedX prior to the acquisition, which the companies say showed great results. For example, ZedX modeling combined with BASF chemistry knowledge helped the group develop a model giving the correct window of application for herbicides based on weather and environment.

The acquisition should be complete within four weeks and products from ZedX will soon be available in key markets. Products and services gained through this acquisition will complement BASF’s Maglis offer, which was launched in 2016.

“The smart use of digital solutions can open up all sectors of the economy to many new opportunities, and farming is no exception. ZedX is a great fit to our growth plan. We will strengthen our sales by offering targeted advice, insights and recommendations and by interacting more closely with our customers,” said Jurgen Huff, BASF senior vice president—global strategic marketing in the crop protection division in a recent press release.

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