Measure Soil Compaction on the Go

Digital SpotOn Soil Compaction Meter
Many new agtech solutions help farmers improve their ability to measure various aspects of their operation and make better decisions based on the data collected. That includes making instantaneous measurements of soil compaction with a new portable meter from Innoquest.

The company’s Digital SpotOn Soil Compaction Meter is able to display maximum compaction value from a range of 0 to 825 PSI, according to Bill Hughes, president.

“[The device] is easy to use, displaying measurements as soon as the probe is extracted from the soil,” he says, adding that the product features a “rugged design” made for repeat field usage.

Users can record measurements in either PSI or kPA. The display indicates compaction with a green, yellow or red indicator and is accurate within 15 PSI. The compaction tool has a waterproof digital meter and a stainless steel shaft marked every 4” for convenient depth reference.

Hughes adds that the device is made in the U.S. and meets the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers standards for shape/size of the cone and shaft. For more information, visit

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