FMC Starts Registration Process for New Active Ingredient

FMC Starts Registration Process for New Active Ingredient
Farmers with corn, soybeans, cereals, canola, peanuts and potatoes could have a new fungicide active ingredient at their fingertips. FMC is working with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Canadian Pest Management Regulatory Agency to complete registration for the new active ingredient bixafen.

The new active ingredient is a pyrazole carboxamide fungicide that belongs to a new generation of succinate dehydrogenase inhibitors. FMC says bixafen is effective against target diseases such as: Northern corn leaf blight and gray leaf spot in corn; frogeye leaf spot, brown spot and white mold in soybeans; septoria leaf blotch, stripe rust and stem rust in cereals; early blight and white mold in potatoes; white mold in canola; stem rot, leaf spot, leaf rust and Rhizoctonia limb rot in peanuts.

FMC has exclusive rights to bixafen from Bayer in the U.S. and Canada. 

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