Down Corn Dilemma: What Kind of Rot Have You Got?

Down Corn
Stalk rot is common in the Midwest and can be found in virtually every field, but what kind of stalk rot is knocking down your corn--and yields? Answer these five questions to find out.




Now that you have the possible culprit, discuss management practices with your local extension specialist and be sure to check out the resources below.


Find Your Extension Specialist

Find your local extension specialist by simply selecting your region and finding the right expert for your needs.


Ten Questions to Answer Before Harvest

Late season scouting can help you create an order to harvest your field to minimize harvest loss. 


What's Knocking Down Your Yields?

Corn that once stood more than 8’ tall now lies flat on the ground, appearing almost as if a tornado tore through the field. 


Stalk Rot, A Real Downer

While harvesting her research farm in Coldwater, Mich., Farm Journal field agronomist Missy Bauer noticed something different about some of her corn—anthracnose stalk rot.


4 Factors That Could Jeopardize Stalk Strength

Knowing what has caused corn root or stalk lodging may help determine the best next course of action. 


When to Pull the Fungicide Trigger

Spraying is expensive, but are you losing money by sacrificing yields?


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